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When Ohio seniors find our website, they are often shocked to receive quotes from so many Medigap / Supplement insurance companies. Sometimes their savings can be so much that they feel it is almost too good to be true! Healthcare, especially senior healthcare has gotten almost too far “out-of-hand”. Many Ohio insurance companies are raising rates on an annual basis and a large percentage of Ohio Medicare beneficiaries do not know they even have options. Here at PledgePoint – Ohio’s Medigap Connection, we urge visitors and clients alike to use the power of the internet to educate themselves before making any major decision. Because of this, our website is quickly becoming very popular with our aging boomer population in Ohio. As many of our clients are turning 65, they are finding all of the resources and information they need to make a well-informed decision right here! All of our clients are very appreciative of what we have put together. We get “thank-you’s” all the time for timely, valuable, and unbiased service. As funny as it may sound, they seem to be most grateful for the ability to handle the process at their convenience without the need for another insurance agent in their home. 😉