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Plan N seems to be gaining a lot of steam in the Medigap market lately.

…and rightly so.

Curious about the differences between a Plan N and a Plan F for example?

First of all, if you need a refresher on Medicare in general check out our Medicare plans page.

If you are ready for the nuts and bolts of plan N, keep reading…


As you can see in the chart, Plan N provides coverage for everything Plan F does with sa few exceptions:

Doctors visits (up to $20) and Emergency room co-pays (up to $50)

Part B Deductible ($166 per YEAR for 2016)

Part B excess charges (non-applicable in Ohio!)

Below are examples of monthly Ohio premiums among my most popular companies.

In other words, the average savings between Plan F and Plan N for a 65 yr old Ohioan is over $570!
Subtract the $166 yearly deductible and you are still able to save over $400 per year!