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Plan F in Ohio, and many other states, is currently the most popular Medicare plan available. I imagine that it will continue its popularity due to its extensive coverage and affordability. It is important to know these coverage details to determine which Ohio Medicare supplement is best for you.

Medicare Part B Excess Charges

Plans F and G are the only two Medicare supplements currently covering Part B excess.  If you incurred a Part B excess charge of 15% on a significant medical claim and you did not have Plan F or G, then you would be responsible for significant out of pocket expenses.  For example, if you had a $100,000 Part B medical claim, the 15% excess charge would be a $15,000 out of pocket charge to you.

While excess charges are currently a rare occurrence,  it is our belief that Medicare recipients will begin to see Doctors charging excess more frequently. Due to the effect of current reform on a Doctor and hospital billing capabilities, it may be wise to purchase a Medigap plan that covers excess charges.

Plan F will be the most comprehensive and therefore the most expensive.  I often encourage my clients to compare the other Ohio Medicare Plan, Plan G, with the price of Plan F from each company.

Medicare Deductibles for Part A and Part B

The most comprehensive coverage available, Ohio’s Medicare Plan F completely covers both Part A and B deductible amounts and Part B coinsurance at 100%.  Coverage for travel emergency is included.  It is important to know that all modernized plans are required to cover preventive care coinsurance.

For more Information

There are many insurance companies offering supplemental Medicare insurance in Ohio. As Medicare is regulated by the federal government, all companies now pay claims similarly. For this reason, it is smart to shop prices, while keeping the companies history and strength in mind.

I am an independent agent that offers Medicare Plan F and all other Medigap plans in Ohio. I can compare affordable coverage from many carriers to help you make your decision easier.