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One of the most underrated Medicare insurance providers is Medical Mutual.

Many of my clients are shocked to learn that MedMutual is the largest and oldest health insurance company in Ohio!















How, after over 80 years in the health industry can they maintain some of the lowest premiums?

It’s simple really……because of Medical Mutual of Ohio’s business policies. I feel like they can use their ‘MUTUAL’ status to really help my clients. As they aren’t a publicly traded company, they don’t have to comply to investor demands or only focus on profits and dividends for Wall Street. This is HUGE!

They don’t spend ungodly amounts of money on T.V., Radio, and other advertisements; and they don’t pay their agents exorbitant amounts of commissions either! In fact, after your first year of coverage, they pay us brokers only ½ the commission that other companies give their agents.

Check your rates and Apply company direct!

So, yes this means that many other agents will not even tell clients about Medical Mutual of Ohio Medicare Supplements. As for me, I would prefer to keep my clients happy by allowing them to see any Doctor that Medicare accepts,  provide great service and actually pay claims, and save money at the same time! This, in my opinion is a win-win situation for everyone.
Just want to Do it Yourself? Check your rates and Apply company direct!  …even add or incorporate Vision or Dental into your plan!


Plan F

Plan F also features comprehensive coverage, but is the only one that will pay the difference between Medicare approved costs and what your doctor or healthcare provider customarily charges.


$143.45/Mo. Apply

High Deductible Plan F

High Deductible Plan F features all the benefits of Plan F, but with a higher deductible, which helps lower your monthly premium.


$50.21/Mo. Apply

Plan G

Plan G features comprehensive coverage and helps you pay for Part B excess costs, but you pay out-of-pocket for your Medicare Part B deductible.


$126.24/Mo. Apply

Plan N

Plan N is relatively new and features many of the benefits of Plan F, but has some cost-sharing features that help lower your monthly premiums.



$100.42/Mo Apply


Corporate Headquarters

Medical Mutual

2060 E. 9th Street

Cleveland, OH 44115

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Call Customer Care at 800.382.5729

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