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Below is an exerpt from the Ohio Guide to Medicare supplement Insurance – Medicare options and Part D. I feel this is the most useful tool available to make an informed buying decision. These pages include all Medicare supplement carriers in Ohio, along with pricing data.

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*Also important to note is the 1 year average (Avg. %change) change in each company’s premiums for the Ohio Medigap policies sold over 5 years.




AARP / United Healthcare     1-800-523-5800

Aetna    1-800-264-4000

American Continental     1-800-264-4000

American Republic     1-888-755-3065

Anthem BC / BS     1-888-641-5224

Assured Life    1-877 223-3666

AultCare PrimeChoices     1-877-863-1791


CSI    1-866-644-3988

Colonial Penn    1-800-800-2254

Combined     1-800-544-5531

Everence     1-800-348-7468

Equitable Life & Casualty     1-800-352-5170

Forethought     1-800-555-1234

Gerber Life     1-800-995-5991

Globe Life & Accident     1-800-801-6831

Government Personnel Mutual     1-866-242-7573

KSKJ Life     1-866-671-5755

Liberty National Life     1-800-331-2512

Medical Mutual     1-800-722-7331

Medico    1-800-228-6080

Omaha Insurance Co.     1-877-778-0829

Paramount     1-888-891-0707

Pekin Life    1-800-322-0160

Philadelphia American Life     1-800-552-7879

Physicians Mutual     1-800-228-9100

Reserve National     1-800-654-9106

Standard Life & Accident     1-888-290-1085

State Farm Mutual Auto     Call a local agent

Summa     1-888-464-8440

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans     1-800-847-4836

United American     1-800-331-2512

United Commercial Travelers      1-800-848-0123

USAA Life     1-800-531-8722

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