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Every Buckeye over 65 is entitled to Medicare Part A. Medicare Plan F is the most commonly selected Medigap plan available and covers other costs associated with regular health care like outpatient services, doctor visits, labs and x-rays. Almost all Medicare benefit recipients select Medicare Plan F as part of their insurance package. As I have wrote about in the past, that decision is not always the most financially appropriate. I like to refer to a Plan F in Ohio as more of a peace of mind choice.
     Medicare Parts A and B are supplied by the government but even with the standard coverage they provide, there are additional medical expenses which may not be covered. This requires many Ohio seniors to buy a Medicare supplemental insurance plan to balance out their wellness and health coverage costs.
     Even with original Medicare, you will have deductibles and coinsurance costs. Medications aren’t covered under Medicare Part A or B either, which means you may need a supplemental prescription plan (Part D) to pay for maintenance medications or drugs required for treating short-term illnesses as well. Many Ohio seniors choose to purchase Medigap plans to pay additional healthcare costs. It is always the wisest decision as long as it is affordable. I am often asked about Ohio Medicare Advantage Plans – while they do make sense for some people, it is like comparing apples to oranges – I discuss the differences in a different blog.
     Also referred to as Medigap insurance, supplemental Medicare insurance is administered by the government, but is actually bought directly from private insurance firms. There are many insurance companies that sell Medicare Supplement plans, making it easy to get confused about which plan is which and even harder to choose which one is right for your specific needs. Each state has different insurance companies that sell Medicare Supplements. For a list of Medicare Supplement Companies in Ohio, click here.
     Each Medicare supplemental plan contains a letter in its name, helping individuals differentiate one from another. Of the 10 Medicare plans available, Letters F, G and N are the most commonly chosen plans in Ohio. That being said, you should survey the plan specifications of all the supplements available before making a determination about which is right for you.
     Every Ohio insurance company that provides Medicare supplement plans is required by law to offer the same benefits for each specific plan. In other words, Medicare Plan C will be the same regardless of where you live or who you buy coverage from. That makes things a little easier, as you need not worry about differences in plan offerings between the various insurance companies. You simply need to understand the differences between the different supplements and make a choice based on that.
     Make sure you carefully read your Ohio guides/handbooks, or speak with a representative to explain these Ohio plan differences. Once you understand the basic plans, you then need only decide which of the supplemental plans works best for your specific health care needs, keeping in mind that your current physical state is not always going to be the norm for you. As you age, you will inevitably have some health issues arise, hopefully none which are serious, but choosing the best plan can help you deal with whatever life throws at you.
     Every Ohio insurance company does not provide all of the 10 Medicare plans but purchasing multiple plans (i.e. Spouse) from the same provider can earn you discounts, so you may want to consider choosing all the supplements for your family from the same company. Getting multiple quotes from various companies is also advisable. Doing so will help you get the most bang for your buck.
     Additionally, don’t base all your decisions only on the cost of monthly Medicare supplement premiums. While you have a budget and need to stick to it, the premium cost should not be the only factor in your decision of which plan to go with. You should also take a look at the reputation of the company providing the insurance coverage. You will inevitably have to call on their customer service staff from time to time, and you want a company that will work well with you in resolving any issues which may arise.
     Michelle Hill is a customer service representative of Our local experts make the process of selecting a great Ohio Medicare supplement very easy by offering free advice about the Medicare Supplement plans offered in your area. We compare all Medicare Supplement Plans, Companies and prices to make sure you save as much money as possible while still receiving excellent coverage!