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Ohio Medicare supplemental insurance benefits are mandated at the same coverage since 1992. As I have blogged before for example, a Plan F provides the same benefits for senior Ohioans no matter which company underwrites the policy. Ohio Medigap companies, however, can design their own prices and the premiums can be VERY different.

Ohio Medigap Plan Benefits and Company offerings

Summary of Basic Ohio Medigap Insurance Plans and Companies that sell them:

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As of June 2010 Medicare company reporting, the state of Ohio’s average cost of a Plan F Medigap policy for a 65-year-old ranged from $1,164 to $4,848 per year according to the above publication – An Ohio consumers guide to Medicare Supplements, Medicare Options, and Part D.
Differences in prices are just as ridiculous on other Ohio Medicare insurance plans. These wide ranges in Ohio state premium rates seem to be slowly leveling out. We have seen a few new insurance companies introduced to the Ohio Medicare Supplement market within the last year that are not included in these statistics. It is our personal belief that we will also soon see others exiting the Ohio Medigap market.

Ohio Seniors shopping for the least expensive Medigap policies in Ohio with the safest insurers can download all federal and Ohio state Guides here.