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I made the career change to focus on Medigap insurance in 2008 and found out I get more enjoyment providing solid information to people than actually selling insurance. Unfortunately, insurance is controlled by an enormous number of regulations that are seemingly designed to protect the profit of the insurance company above the health or well being of the consumer. That is the reason I started this website.

My company is a small independent brokerage I now run out of a small professional office. My journey started with a captive insurance company and I soon realized that I wanted to focus on helping people with Medicare decisions and not limit my readers, clients, and friends to only one or two company choices. I now represent all companies that I feel are financially strong, competitively priced, and provide top-notch customer service. As an independent, I also have the ability to contract with any other company that we agree will be in your best interest. These days Medicare and health insurance as a whole seems to be continually evolving. With that said, I too am continually learning and try hard to stay up-to-date and provide current quality information. Feel free to check my credentials with the Ohio Department of Insurance.
Thank you and I look forward to helping!

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I am blessed. I have been at the top of Googles online Medigap related searches in Ohio and needless to say, my websites keep me busy. I connect hundreds of seniors a year to the right Medicare Supplement companies — all online and/or over the phone. If you are an agent or broker focused on other lines of insurance, you are in luck. As Medicare is all I do, I can assure you that I will not cross-sell your clients any other product. Refer me confidently!
-To good health and great happiness!

My allegiance is to you – not the companies we represent. I am an independent Medicare focused broker right here in Ohio. 


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