Consider this re: Ohio Medicare Advantage

Ohio Tidbits
As the Affordable Care Act "progresses", we can expect many changes and reductions of benefits relating to Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio and around the country. Currently the PPACA has no foreseen negative effects on Original Medicare or Medigap/Supplement plans. For this reason, I recommend comparing apples to oranges before deciding on a plan this Medicare season. A High-Deductible Medigap Plan F is often misunderstood. Many people think it combines the deductible with Medicare. This is not true. The deductible is only applied to the Medicare Supplement portion - Medicare pays the same regardless of which Medicare Supplement a person has. For many seniors, a premium of $0 for Medicare Advantage plans can be very enticing. In many cases with an MA plan, if you goes to a Primary Physician,…
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