Study finds more Seniors Choosing Medigap Plans

Ohio Tidbits
More People are Choosing Medigap Plans, New Study Finds A new report released today shows that Medigap coverage is a vital lifeline to more than 10 million Medicare beneficiaries.  The study, by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), is an update to prior research showing trends in Medigap enrollment and coverage. The new report, “Trends in Medigap Coverage and Enrollment, 2012,” finds that enrollment in Medigap plans increased by 300,000, from 9.9 million in December 2011 to 10.2 million in December 2012. Consistent with recent years, beneficiaries are increasingly choosing to enroll in Medigap plans that include at least some cost-sharing provisions, such as co-pays and coinsurance. Medigap Provides Financial Protection and Peace of Mind to Medicare Beneficiaries Medigap helps cover significant out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by Medicare and allows seniors…
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